NHL Mock Draft 2019

By: Matt Ederer

Welcome to Sportsfap’s first of many attempts to break a World Record that nobody cares about: we will attempt to become the first website to ever go perfect in a mock draft.

A perfect mock draft is like a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket: it somehow feels attainable, even though it has never come close to occurring in the recorded history of anything.

Now let’s acknowledge off the hop that we probably *won’t* be the first shitbag nobody blog to hit a perfect mock draft. But just because something is obviously and statistically impossible, doesn’t mean you should stop trying. The definition of insanity is giving up too early! We’re never going to die! Go Nordiques! *Buys Four Loko stock*

Sorry about that. We will be updating this post daily, so be sure to come back and check it out out hundreds of times a day before the NHL Draft, as more information leaks out and team plans begin to reveal themselves (/as we collectively decide the specific rumors we’re going to believe).

Don’t consider any of these picks (outside the top two) locked in just yet, we fully reserve the right to change these until 7:00 on Friday, June 21. However, if and when we do change anything, we will include an explanation as to why we did. In fact, there will be explanations for each pick at the end of the chart.

One last thing. There is a difference between a Mock Draft, and a “Big Board”:

Mock Draft = a prediction of where you think these players will actually be drafted

Big Board = a ranking of how good these players will actually turn out to be

Consider this, like most Mock Drafts, to be a series of educated guesses as to who each team will select, based on their draft history, their current prospect pipeline/team needs, and the pure arrogance of the writer.


Pick #TeamPlayerPos.DOBH/WCurrent Team
1New Jersey DevilsJack HughesCMay 14 20015'10 / 165USNTD
2New York RangersKaapo KakkoRW/CFeb 13 20016'2 / 195TPS (Liiga)
3Chicago BlackhawksAlex TurcotteC/LWFeb 26 20015'11 / 185USNTD
4Colorado Avalanche
(via Ottawa)
Trevor ZegrasC/LW/RWMar 30 20016'0 / 170USNTD
5Los Angeles KingsBowen ByramD (Left Shot)Jun 13 20016'0 / 195Vancouver (WHL)
6Detroit Red WingsDylan CozensCFeb 9 20016'3 / 185Lethbridge (WHL)
7Buffalo SabresCole CaufieldRWJan 2 20015'7 / 165USNTD
8Edmonton OilersKirby DachCJan 21 20016'4 / 200Saskatoon (WHL)
9Anaheim DucksPhilip BrobergD (Left Shot)Jun 25 20016'3 / 200Skellefteå AIK (SHL)
10Vancouver CanucksPeyton KrebsCJan 26 20015'11 / 180Kootenay (WHL)
11Philadelphia FlyersMatthew BoldyLWApr 5 20016'1 / 190USNTD
12Minnesota WildCam YorkDJan 5 20015'11 / 175USNTD
13Florida PanthersSpencer KnightGApr 19 20016'3 / 195USNTD
14Arizona CoyotesAlex NewhookCJan 28 20015'10 / 195Victoria (BCHL)
15Montreal CanadiensRaphael LavoieRW/CSep 25 20006'4 / 195Halifax (QMJHL)
16Colorado AvalancheVasili PodkolzinLW/RWJun 24 20016'1 / 190SKA St. Petersburg (KHL/VHL/MHL)
17Vegas Golden KnightsThomas HarleyD (Left Shot)Aug 19 20016'3 / 190Mississiauga (OHL)
18Dallas StarsPhilip TomasinoC/RWJul 28 20015'11 / 180Niagra (OHL)
19Ottawa Senators
(via Columbus)
Victor SoderstromD (Right Shot)Feb 26 20015'11 / 180Brynas (SHL)
20New York Rangers
(via Winnipeg)
Moritz SeiderD (Right Shot)Apr 6 20016'3 / 185Adler Mannheim (DEL)
21Pittsburgh PenguinsConnor McMichaelCJan 15 20015'11 / 175London Knights (OHL)
22Los Angeles Kings
(via Toronto)
Bobby BrinkRW/CJul 8 20015'10 / 165Sioux City (USHL)
23New York IslandersTobias BjornfootD (Left Shot)Apr 6 20016'0 / 200Djurgårdens IF (SHL)
24Nashville PredatorsArthur KaliyevRW/CJun 26 20016'2 / 190Hamilton (OHL)
25Washington CapitalsRyan SuzukiCMay 28 20016'0 / 180Barrie (OHL)
26Calgary FlamesSamuel PoulinLW/CFeb 25 20016'1 / 200Sherbrooke (QMJHL)
29Tampa Bay LightningJohn BeecherC/LWApr 5 20016'3 / 210USNTD
28Carolina HurricanesVladislav KolyachonokD (Left Shot)May 25 20016'1 / 185Flint (OHL)
27Anaheim Ducks
(via San Jose/Buffalo)
Ryan JohnsonD (Left Shot)Jul 24 20016'0 / 175Sioux Falls (USHL)
30Buffalo Sabres
(via St. Louis)
Ville HeinolaD (Left Shot)Feb 3 20015'11 / 180Luuko (Liiga)
31Boston BruinsBrett LeasonW/CApr 30 19996'4 / 200Prince Albert (WHL)


1 – New Jersey – Jack Hughes, C

Proof: All of the internet/hockey media since June 22, 2018

2 – New York Rangers – Kaapo Kakko, W

Proof: See #1 ^

3 – Chicago Blackhawks – Alex Turcotte, C

Theory: The Hawks are fairly loaded on the back-end, with 20 Y/O Henri Jokiharju, 22 Y/O Gustav Forsling and 24 Y/O Carl Dahlstrom receiving meaningful NHL minutes already in their young careers. Alex Turcotte is a dynamic offensive player, and is a lifelong Blackhawks fan from nearby Island Lake, IL. The fact that he’s from Illinois is becoming a little overrated, and is hardly proof that this is pick set in stone. The Blackhawks could easily go with Bowen Byram here, who all things considered might be the best prospect outside the top two. However, we believe that with their pipeline being so stacked with D, the Hawks will make the PR-savvy decision to select the potentially game breaking Centre from 90 minutes down the road.

15 – Montreal Canadiens – Raphael Lavoie, RW

DONNE NOUS UN ETOILE FRANCAIS. *Chugs poutine gravy* *dies immediately, happy*



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