Fleetwood/Matt (abridged) NFL Picks – Week 10

Fleetwood/Matt (abridged) NFL Picks – Week 10

Sorry, busy week here at the Fleetwood/Matt house. The following is an abridged version of the NFL Picks for Week 10, the first ever posted via our phones!

(It is extremely obvious)

Matt’s Picks:

DET over CHI – Bears ain’t shit

BAL over CIN – lol

BUF over CLE – Baker Mayfield has some sad, disturbing energy this year

NO over ATL – I would take the Argos over ATL at this stage

NYG over NYJ – I will not be watching one snap of this abomination

TB over ARI – Bucs are better than their record

KC over TEN – Ryan Tannehill is a punk

IND over MIA – Feesh got their win

GB over CAR – This one gives me pause

LAR over PIT – Mason Crosby ain’t shit

MIN over DAL – Cousins is going to win a semi-meaningful game eventually?

SEA over SF – 9ers are going to lose eventually?

Fleet’s Picks:

NYG over NYJ – Giants!

NO over ATL – Saints!

KC over TENKansas city-aints

BAL over CIN – Ravens-aints!

CLE over BUF = Blah!

TB over ARI – Buccan-aints!

DET over CHI – Lions-aints!

IND over MIA – Horse based team-aints!

CAR over GB – Panther-aints

LAR over PIT – Ram-tacular-aints

MIN over DAL – Viking-aints

SEA over SF – Hawks-aints

Full picks return next week!


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