Fleetwood/Matt NFL Thanksgiving Special

Fleetwood/Matt NFL Thanksgiving Special

Welcome to your favourite Canadian NFL picks column, the Fleetwood Matt NFL selection squad. It’s Thanksgiving in United States, and a meaningless Thursday in Canada! We really need to start doing something holiday-wise on this Thursday. I don’t want to work, there’s way too much garbage to enjoy on TV. Also, the States have a holiday on our Thanksgiving! You know, the one celebrating that murderer who founded their entire culture! I believe they call it OJ Day.


Chicago Bears (5-6, 10th in NFC) @ Detroit Lions (3-7-1, 12th in NFC)

Matt – A man named David Blough will be starting at QB for the Detroit Lions this week. Say what you will about Chicago, but nobody is confidently putting money on this Detroit Lions offense that threw three picks to Washington four days ago. If I drew the Bo Scarborough/David Blough/Danny Amendola trio in Madden Ultimate Team, I would return the game and demand a refund.

Matt’s Pick – Chicago Bears, begrudgingly

Fleet –

Fleet’s Pick – Chicago Bears

Buffalo Bills (8-3, 5th in AFC) @ Dallas Cowboys (6-5, 4th in NFC)

Fleet – Only one choice on #Merican Thanksgiving

Fleet’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys

Matt – First thanksgiving game in 25 years for the Bills, and they deserve it on the strength of a really solid season so far.

Here’s how the Cowboys’ season has gone.

If Dallas is actually a Superbowl contender, they have to win this game, at home, vs a good but flawed Buffalo team. But do we really think Dallas is a Superbowl Contender? Buffalo has a significantly better defense, they have an offense that is at least capable of a big play, and quite frankly they are far better coached.

Matt’s Pick – Buffalo Bills, I love the Buffalo +7 spread here

New Orleans Saints (9-2, 2nd in NFC) @ Atlanta Falcons (3-8, 14th in NFC)

Matt – Saints revenge game. Atlanta stunned the Saints a few weeks ago, which kicked off this Falcons renaissance that no doubt kept Dan Quinn employed for another year.

New Orleans is starting two backups on the offensive line today, which may not bode well. Drew Brees was sacked a season-high six times vs. Atlanta in their last matchup. Having said that, I don’t expect the Saints to roll over and die vs a 3-8 Falcons team that already beat them once. New Orleans wins, but does not cover the -7 spread.

Matt’s Pick – New Orleans Saints


Fleet’s Pick – New Orleans Saints


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