Fleetwood/Matt NFL Picks – Week 15

Fleetwood/Matt NFL Picks – Week 15

We both took Lamar Jackson over the Jets on Thursday night, in perhaps the most obvious and safest pick of the season. Water = wet, snow = cold, Jason Garrett = fired.

Matt Ederer – Writer for Operation Sports, formerly of The Score which was formerly a TV network in in Canada, Dolphins fan, Nog enthusiast. Going with a Tecmo Bowl theme this week.

F-Dawg Johnston – Browns Fan, part-time human.

Full time skeleton monster

Bippity, boppity boo, without further ado, let’s get these picks underway-ith diggity.

SUNDAY, 1:00pm

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

Matt – God bless the nerds who keep updating this game

Matt’s Pick – Seattle Seahwaks

Fleet – Finally the Seahawks/Panthers matchup I have been waiting all year for…wait just a second… I haven’t been waiting for this at all. In any capacity. Seahawks don’t lose?

Fleet’s Pick – Seattle Seahawks

New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals

Fleet – A matchup with the break-neck intensity of a sudoku puzzle.

Here you go. We can all participate in a sudoku puzzle to help ease the stress that radiates from this game.

Fleet’s Pick – New England Patriots

Matt – We should start nominating an official Sudoku game of the week. SPONSOR US, BIG SUDOKU.

Patriots crank.

Matt’s Pick – New England Patriots by 9 rows and columns of 1-9 points

Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants

Matt – Winning was downright neccesary for Flores’ reputation and confidence, but plz let’s lean back into the tank for the next few weeks. Giants come out strong and Eli gets himself a contract for next year, if he wants it. I won’t be heartbroken if Miami does win though. Flores coach of the year!

Matt’s Pick – New York Giants

Fleet – Fish win! Fish win!

If you have the time you might as well watch.

Fleet’s Pick – Miami Dolphins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Detroit Lions

Fleet – Yar! Dust off your favourite sea chanties, this be a win-able game for these pesky bandits of the sea.

Fleet’s Pick – Pirates!

Matt – Gross

Matt’s Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Matt – The Bears looked good vs a putrid Cowboys who have completely quit on their coach. The Bears are not good, THE BEARS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY hits self in face with 1985 pies

Matt’s Pick – Green Bay Packers

Fleet – Aaron Rodgers has 23 tds to 2 ints this year. He has the best all time Td-Int ratio at 4.4TDs/Int. Fun! Stats! Ratios!

Fleet’s Pick – Green Bay Packers

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Fleet – People are jumping onto this Drew Locke train with the same reckless abandon that I bring to the world of Bocce Ball.

Amount of reckless abandon I bring to the Bocce Ball world.

Fleet’s Pick – Kansas City Chiefs



Matt’s Pick – Kansas City Chiefs

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

Matt – All the makings of a CLASSIC “Ryan Tannehill shits his drawers vs a good team” game here.

Matt’s Pick – Houston Texans

Fleet – Mainly picking Tennessee because Bill O’Brien is lame. Also, revenge Tannehill is the best kinda hill. Well other than Hank…or Bobby…or Lauryn…Jonah…gradual..Cyprus…okay so he’s possibly the 7th best hill.

Fleet’s Pick – Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team

Fleet – Time to find out just how strong these Eagles are!

Hahahahaha fart jokes rule!

Fleet’s Pick – Philadelphia Fart Noises

Matt – Big bounce back game for QB Eagles.

Matt’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles

SUNDAY, 4:00pm

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals

Matt – Feels like a Kyler upset to me. Cleveland is a terribly coached team. Baker has this weird hand thing going on. OBJ wants out. Sorry Fleetwood.

Matt’s Pick – Arizona Cardinals

Fleet – Browns will probably find a way to lose this one.

Fleet’s Pick – Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders

Fleet –

Gardner Minshew’s pro comp seems to be Uncle Rico.

“Watch this”, Minshew rifles a steak at the face of Gruden. Proceeds to get sacked. Raiders win and I pick the wrong team cause I’m going with the more hilarious qb situation.

Fleet’s Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt –

Matt’s Pick – Los Angeles Raiders

Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers

Matt –

Matt’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings

Fleet –

Lil Yachty!

I guess the song would be more fitting if the game was in Minnesota. At this point in the year I care more for other things.

Fleet’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings

Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys

Fleet – Last 3 weeks I have picked the Cowboys, assuming the players on their team might try to win a game. Bad coaching aside you would think maybe someone would just use their talent to win a game. No? Cool.

Fleet’s Pick – Los Angeles Rams

Matt –

Your 2018 NFC champion. ppl forget. I know I have, multiple times. Heck I probably will again very soon.

Matt’s Pick – Los Angeles Rams

Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers

Matt – Pretty sure Atlanta won the NFC like, last year. How the mighty have fallen smh something something et cetera. Now, there’s a new team in town!

Matt’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers

Fleet – Kyle Shanahan revenge game! Look out Falcons, his team is better than yours. He somehow got the always mediocre Matt Ryan an MVP award, proving he’s a better coach than yours. Kinda feel like he’s already gotten his revenge, actually. Poor Atlanta. That SB loss is so much worse than anyone could have ever predicted, and it looked bad at the time.

Fleet’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers

Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Fleet – Bills win! Fuck Pittsburgh!

Fleet’s Pick – Buffalo Bills


Matt’s Pick – Buffalo Bills

Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints

Matt –

Not a lot of Saints-related Tecmo bowl pics out there. Probably because they were garbage from their inception until 2008

Matt’s Pick – New Orleans Saints

Fleet – Michael Thomas could beat Marvin Harrison’s season season reception record. Let us hope he does, because Marvin Harrison is a crazy individual and although he was good at football, his recent years have had some google-able activity.

Fleet’s Pick – New Orleans Saints


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