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Matt – ITS FOOTBALL SEASON, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we could probably use the distraction. With so much going on in the world, it’s hard not to simply regurgitate the same sob stories we’ve heard for the last six months — or even worse, offer up the dreaded life story before the recipe. So with those concerns in mind, let’s just dive headfirst into what we are all here for: serious, hardcore football talk.

Now. When I was a kid, I was a child. An overall young-type lad, I was a fresh-faced boy, fresh-facedly frolicking from meadow to meadow in a state of bliss and youthful whimsy. Glorious, majestic fields of emerald, softly purring in the warm summer breeze. At the age of 8, I was stricken with a cold. This cold was unlike any other cold in the valley. Could it be that this cold was…football fever?

No. It was scarlett fever. I nearly died.

Anyway. We are Matt Ederer and Fleetwood Brown, two comedians (in the long long ago) writers, and general idiots from Canada who watch too much football. We’ll be here on with our weekly NFL picks, until we either get signed by The Ringer, TSN, or die a grim, wheezy, congested death.

Fleet –

Thursday Sep 10, 8:15pm – Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs (-9)

Note: all spreads according to OLG Pro-Line

Matt – The Texans were famously up 28-0 on KC in the 2019 NFL Playoffs, before blowing it badly and losing 51-31. You could obviously use this as proof that KC is simply better than Houston, and will romp their way to a win on Thursday. But Houston has shown that they can put up points against this Kansas City team, and there are a few reasons to like them to stay close in this game. J.J. Watt is as healthy as he will ever be again. Kansas City’s vaunted home field advantage is all but gone, with only approx. 17,000 fans being allowed into the venue tonight. Houston has added a new Defensive Coordinator in Anthony Weaver, and while the lack of practice time is concerning, it’s not like Houston can get much worse than a 51 to 3 run against them in a playoff game. The defense should improve simply by virtue of being somewhat new.

I like Houston’s new editions and old favourites to keep this game competitive, and perhaps even fuel a comeback of their own down the stretch. David Johnson, Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller IV (must start in all formats) and Kenny Stills are all good football players, capable of making an impact. Houston still has some horses.

Kansas City will outgun the Texans in the end, but I like this to be a close game. 35-31 ish.

Matt’s Pick – Kansas City to win, Houston +9

Fleet – For my first pick of the year, I have pick against Bill O’Brien. He’s an easy coach to hate, and an even easier coach to draw.

PICTURED: Bill O’Brien’s Chin

Fleet’s Pick – Kansas City Chiefs

Will I pick the Browns to win every week like last year? Will I pick the Nick Foles-less Jaguars a single time? Will I continue my streak of being a pick maestro?

Only the skeleton knows

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