NFL Picks 2020 – Week 1 Mondee Special

NFL Picks 2020 – Week 1 Mondee Special

Pittsburgh (-7) @ NY Giants


Not exactly Mean Joe, but you feel me.

Matt’s Pick: Steelers by multiple touchdowns

Fleet: The football giants of New York will lose, since their team is worse on paper.

Pictured: Giants Blue-Chippers other than Saquon

Fleet’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Tennessee (-3) @ Denver

Fleet: For the final prediction of the week, I will be bringing back everyone’s favourite segment. The ex-Browns coaching tree battle of the week! If you are not familiar with this world famous segment, I find two ex-Browns coaches around the league, who are now with a new team. Using their time on the Browns, I determine the outcome of this game.

Representing the Titans, we have the current assistant offensive line coach Mike Sullivan. He held the same position with the Browns from 2001 – 2004 as well as serving as their head offensive line coach from 2007 – 2008 and again in 2014… boy the Browns can’t quit this guy!

In the Broncos corner we have Pat Shumur. Current Broncos Quarterbacks coach and former Browns head coach in 2011 – 2012.

I had to go with Mike. He has been rehired three times by the Browns, which really exemplifies the Browns way.

Fleet’s Pick: Mike Sullivan, Tennessee Titans

Matt: This is a huge game for the Titans, who can jump into the AFC South’s drivers’ seat early with a W here. The South appears to be Tennessee’s to lose, as the other three teams in that division (Colts, Jags & Texans) all have major questions of their own to answer (respectively: Is Phillip Rivers still alive (no), Do the Jags have any talent at all (..possibly?) and is Bill O’Brien’s decent coaching enough to overcome his god awful talent evaluation and management (no).

This would be a huge game for Denver to win too, especially for young QB Drew Lock. With Denver’s top WR Cortland Sutton (not to mention arguably the best defender alive, Von Miller) out for Week 1, Drew Lock coming out and beating a really good Titans team at home would be nothing short of massive for that team, and fanbase. Unfortunately, that will prove difficult, as the Titans are a really good football team.

Barring the Ryan Tannehill post-contract year collapse, a scenario that is indeed highly possible, I think the Titans will pound the ball en-route to a decisive win tonight.

Matt’s Pick: Titans to win and cover -3


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