NFL Week 10 2020 Picks

NFL Week 10 2020 Picks

The lesson here is: never tweet the Thursday night pick.

Matt Ederer (Record 83-49-1, Last Week 8-5, This week 0-1) Dolphins fan, Go Browns (this week).

Fleetwood Brown (Record 93-39-1, Last Week 9-4, This Week 0-1) – Browns fan – If week 10’s were clues I’d be shoeless. On to the picks!

Alright freeze!

Sunday, Nov 15 2020


Philadelphia (3-4-1, 4th in NFC lol) @ NY Giants (2-7, 16th in NFC)

Line: PHI -3.5

Matt: Not a ton to say about this atrocious game. With Golden Tate and Devonta Freeman out (not to mention, you know, Saquon Barkley) I can’t see Philly losing here. Eagles win and cover.

Matt’s Pick: Philadelphia

Fleet: I had the Giants down, but changed it to the Eagles. They have multiple people returning from injury, which should help. Also, cheering for the Eagles gives this division a chance at an above .500 team winning it. Which is always awesome.

Fleet’s Pick: Philadelphia

Jacksonville (1-7, 15th in AFC) @ Green Bay (6-2, 3rd in NFC)

Line: GB -14

Fleet: I can’t see a way that the Jags would be able to win this one. Aaron Rodgers has been playing well, but the Packers did pick Jordan Love in the 1st round last year. Will they trade Rodgers this offseason? Probably not the time for such talk, but I think about these things from time to time.

Fleet’s Pick: Green Bay



Matt’s Pick: Green Bay

Washington (2-6, 14th in NFC) @ Detroit (3-5, 11th in NFC)

Line: DET -3

Matt: What the fuck do we make of this game? Matt Stafford left Detroit’s last game with a concussion. He’ll play on Sunday, but even when he’s been healthy, he’s been up and down. Mostly down. No Kenny Golliday for the Lions, either.

Kyle Allen was carted off the field in Washington’s last game. Alex Smith is a feel-good story, but let’s be real he’s a candidate to be carted off the field at any time. At this moment, how many starting QBs would you want over Alex Smith, and why is it all of them?

I wouldn’t touch this game with Walter Football’s dick (or something). Alex Smith has looked like the single worst QB in football, which is what this is coming down to. Anybody who bets money on this game needs serious therapy. Especially if they’re a fan of one of these teams.

Why have I written so much about this? Pick the Football Group.

Matt’s Pick: Washington

Fleet: Shrug emoji.

Fleet’s Pick: Detroit

Houston (2-6, 14th in AFC) @ Cleveland (5-3, 8th in AFC)

Line: CLE -3.5

Fleet: The return of Nick Chubb! Hopefully the Browns run the ball successfully enough that they win, and I don’t have to see numerous Baker picks. Houston’s run defense hasn’t been great, so hopefully this holds true.

Fleet’s Pick: Cleveland

Matt: People like to offer bold predictions all the time. So, in response to the entire internet, I would like to offer a mundane prediction: Baker Mayfield passes for 265 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, Cleveland wins, Miami selects a good player with Houston’s draft pick.

Matt’s Pick: Cleveland

Tampa Bay (6-3, 5th in NFC) @ Carolina (3-6, 13th in NFC)

Line: TB -6

Matt: If only McCaffrey hadn’t gotten hurt in his first game back. C McC has been a stud this year, casually rattling off 20+ fantasy performances in his only 3 games this year.

Tampa is a flawed team that has had a nice, easy schedule this year. I can’t wait to bet against them in the playoffs. Unfortunately, this is the regular season.

Matt’s Pick: Tampa Bay

Fleet: F-Dawg presents : Ex-Browns Coaching Tree Battle of the Week! Or: six degrees of Browns-eperation

Two coaches for each team this week. Tampa Bay has Todd McNair (former Browns RB coach 2001-2003, and current Buccaneers RB coach) and Todd Bowles (former Browns secondary-nickel coach 2001-2003 and secondary coach 2004, current Buccaneers d-coordinator). Carolina has Al Holcomb (former Browns linebackers coach & run game coordinator 2019, current Panthers run game coordinator) and Brian Angelichio (former Browns tight end coach 2014-2015, current tight ends coach for the Panthers).

I think I will have to take the Buccaneers as the former Browns have better jobs in Tampa.

Fleet’s Pick: Tampa Bay


LA Chargers (2-6, 13th in AFC) @ Miami (5-3, 9th in AFC)

Line: MIA -2.5

Fleet: Me: “Is this the week the wheels fall off the Tua/Miami winning bus-mobile?”

Matt: “I hope not.”

Miami Dolphins: Win by 1000

Exactly 1000

Fleet’s Pick: Miami



Matt’s Pick: Miami

Denver (3-5, 10th in AFC) @ Las Vegas (5-3, 7th in AFC)

Line: LV -5.5

Matt: Vegas is missing three startling O-linemen, and Denver will be getting AJ Bouye and Brice Callahan back in the secondary. I think this is a great spot for the Broncos. Drew Lock of the Week!

Matt’s Pick: Denver

Fleet: Finally I end up picking the Raid-ahs. But I am sure this is the week they’ll lay an egg.

An egg that explodes…. Wait have I made this exact egg joke before? Hopefully not.

Fleet’s Pick: Las Vegas

Buffalo (7-2, 3rd in AFC) @ Arizona (5-3, 6th in NFC)

Line: ARI -1

Fleet: I don’t think I’ve picked a single Bills game right this year aside from Jets-based games. Yet here I am, picking the Bills.

Fleet’s Pick: Buffalo

Matt: Probably the hardest game to pick in this entire stinky slate of games. I’ll take Kyler and the Cards at home, coming off a loss to THE MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL SQUADRON

Matt’s Pick: Arizona


San Francisco (4-5, 9th in NFC) @ New Orleans (6-2, 1st in NFC)

Line: NO -10

Matt: Tough to take the ghost of the 49ers here. Though players like Deebo Samuel and Richard Sherman are slowly trickling back into the lineup, San Francisco is still missing almost every relevant starter they have.

Matt’s Pick: New Orleans

Fleet: Although I don’t like this Saints team in the grand scheme of things (e.g winning the super bowl), I think they will ride their momentum from last week’s win.

Fleet’s Pick: New Orleans

Seattle (6-2, 2nd in NFC) @ LA Rams (5-3, 7th in NFC)

Line: LAR -1

Fleet: So the Seahawks as of me writing this have given up 362.1 passing yards per game. If the Rams head coach is such a cool offensive coach guy he should be able to win? Of course, I am picking Jared Geoff over Russell Wilson. Which I don’t like.

Fleet’s Pick: LA Rams

Matt: I agree with my esteemed colleage Mr. F-Dawg. This might look different in the playoffs, but I think Seattle is vulnerable in general, and Wilson is 7-9 vs the Rams in his career. Seattle has only beaten the rams twice since 2017, with one of those two wins coming on a game-ending FG make by Seattle. Love the Rams in this one.

Matt’s Pick: LA Rams

Cincinnati (2-5-1, 12th in AFC) @ Pittsburgh (8-0, 1st in AFC)

Line: PIT -7.5

Matt: I think the week off of practice could potentially help Big Ben rather than hinder him. He’s a seasoned veteran who is banged up. He could probably use the week of rest.

I came into this fixing to pick Cincy, but I can’t do it in good consciousness. Wouldn’t put money on the Steelers this week, but if you put a gun to my head, I would pick them to win here.

Matt’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Fleet: Gros Ben did miss practice, but the Steelers’ D will probably sack Jumpin’ Joe Burrows.

Fleet’s Pick: Pittsburgh


Baltimore (6-2, 5th in AFC) @ New England (3-5, 11th in AFC)

Line: BAL -8

Fleet: The logic here is If you can barely beat the Jets, you will probably not beat the Ravens. 

Fleet’s Pick: Baltimore

Matt: Strong argument, yes.

Matt’s Pick: Baltimore

Monday, Nov 16 2020


Minnesota (3-5, 10th in NFC) @ Chicago (5-4, 8th in NFC)

Line: MIN -2.5

Matt: Dalvin Cook is no worse than a top-5 MVP candidate at this moment in the 2020 NFL Season. He is a huge reason for the Vikings’ resurgance. I think he continues to run the piss out of the football, and that Michael Wilbon has an extremely angry rant pointed at Matt Nagy on Tuesday’s PTI.

Matt’s Pick: Minnesota

Fleet: Back on the Kirk bandwagon I am! There is no looking back on this caboose!

[Oh, you’re a loaded gun, yeah
Oh, there’s nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done]

Fleet’s Pick: Minnesota


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