NFL Week 11 2020 Picks

NFL Week 11 2020 Picks

F-Dawg Johnston – record – avid Browns fan – My streak of last second Thursday night picks proves a poor idea. I have been wrong a lot on Thursday this year. Sidenote: I had the Cardinals winning this Thursday.

Also time for the very first football picks un-redaction to week 6. To continue the seven degrees of browns I will be changing the week 6 blurb on the Steelers Browns game from that week. It would be the entire staff of the Browns being a current Browns coaching staff (obviously have to change it if I do every team) going up against John Mitchell for the Steelers. Current assistant head coach for PIT and former Browns defensive line coach (1991 – 1993). The pick is still the same with the Browns winning, and I still got the pick wrong.

Matt Ederer – Record – Dolphins Fan – I took Seattle this Thursday. The honour system works!

Spreads via OLG Pro-Line


Philadelphia (3-5-1, 4th in NFC) @ Cleveland (6-3, 8th in AFC)

Line: CLE -3.5

Matt: The rain and winds in Cleveland should hurt Baker’s ability to move the ball, but Baker being shitty at Quarterback also hurts his ability to move the ball. If (and when) Cleveland pounds the rock all day, they should be fine.

Matt’s Pick: Cleveland

Fleet: You have not been paying attention to any of my previous 10 weeks worth of picks, if you thought I was going to pick the Eagles. Go Chubb!

Fleet’s Pick: Cleveland

Atlanta (3-6, 12th in NFC) @ New Orleans (7-2, 2nd in NFC)

Line: NO -3.5

Fleet: I don’t know if the “always gadget-y” Taysom and the “year removed from being the turnover king” Winston can get this win. Saints do have the better team but in a divisional battle with the new qbs we shall see if the Saints truly are ready for the big leagues.

Fleet’s Pick: Atlanta

Matt: Weellp. This seems like a fairly chalk-y week. There are going to be some upsets. Atlanta is getting Calvin Ridley back, and I don’t love the idea of Taysom Hill starting over Jameis Winston, although that might not last more than a quarter or so. We’re going Atlanta on the “Any Given Sunday” tip. It’s possible the Falcons lose this game in spectacular fashion, because that’s kind of their thing.

Matt’s Pick: Atlanta

Detroit (4-5, 10th in NFC) @ Carolina (3-7, 14th in NFC)

Line: DET -2.5 (Odds via BetMGM)

Matt: I wouldn’t bet on this game with Doug Ford’s dick. Or something. Buck-a-beer!

Matt’s Pick: Detroit

Fleet: I am Matt Patricia’s biggest fan lately in terms of making picks. Well Matt Patricia is actually Matt Patricia’s biggest fan. Poor Carolina though either CMC or Teddy getting hurt at some point this year.

Fleet’s Pick: Detroit

New England (4-5, 10th in AFC) @ Houston (2-7, 14th in AFC)

Line: NE -3

Fleet: Oooof Texans, not to beat a dead horse here, but Bill O’Brien may have set back the Texans like 3yrs. They are going to need a strong offseason to begin undoing all that BIll did. Which will be hard without their own picks.

Texans fans

Fleet’s Pick: New England

Matt: I’m sure this will be a disgusting mess of a game, but the Pats should keep their modest two-game winning streak going. Go Fins! Rare to be cheering for the Patriots this late in the season to help Miami, but hey such is life. Probably the strangest thing that has happened all year.

Matt’s Pick: New England

Pittsburgh (9-0, 1st in AFC, 1st in NFL) @ Jacksonville (1-8, 15th in AFC, 31st in NFL)

Line: PIT -11.5

Matt: Come on now.

Matt’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Fleet: People talk about trap games but I don’t have time for trap games, only Lofi trap music to study or chill to.

This stuff right here. Sidenote: it’s awful.

Fleet’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Cincinnati (2-6-1, 12th in AFC) @ Washington (2-7, 15th in NFC)

Line: WSH -1

Fleet: Some people call me the Troy Aikman of picking this game. Mainly because I am going with Joseph Burrows “the pre teen of mean” and Bengals here.

Popular announcer Roy Achman

Fleet’s Pick: Cincinnatti


Matt’s Pick: Cincinnati

Tennessee (6-3, 9th in AFC) @ Baltimore 6-3, 7th in AFC)

Line: BAL -5.5

Matt: Mundane prediction of the week! Lamar throws for one, runs for one, and Baltimore wins this game by 7-10 points.

Matt’s Pick: Baltimore

Fleet: Hard game to pick, so I went with the favoured team. That’s science for you.

Fleet’s Pick: Baltimore


Miami (6-3, 6th in AFC) @ Denver (3-6, 11th in AFC)

Line: MIA -4.5

Fleet: Chasing the dragon, fuck that. I only have time to chase the O2 breathing fish themselves. The only mascot in Miami with a hue tinted ever so slightly in the teal direction. They have nice jerseys but who are they kidding everyone knows the dolphins jerseys peaked a long time ago.

Don’t you just miss this little guy?
Also my yearly posting of this. I would legitimately watch this show

Fleet’s Pick: Miami


For the transphobic Libertarian in your life

Matt’s Pick: Miami


Green Bay (7-2, 1st in NFC) @ Indianapolis (6-3, 4th in AFC)

Line: GB -1

Matt: Fun gambling stuff at work here. Almost everywhere you look in the UNITED STATES OF MRCUH, this game is currently listed as Indy -1 or 2. In the socialist paradise of Ontario, it’s Green Bay -1. This is mostly because Canada knows like three football teams, Dallas, Green Bay and Buffalo. Those lines are always kind of gassed. Maybe not Dallas, this year. Glad we had this talk.

Green Bay will win this football game.

Matt’s Pick: Green Bay

Fleet: If you keep expecting Phillip Rivers to perform well, I have a stadium in San Diego to sell you.

Fleet’s Pick: Green Bay

Dallas (2-7, 16th in NFC) @ Minnesota (4-5, 9th in NFC)

Line: MIN -7.5

Fleet: At least one Texas team still has their 1st round pick. Hint: It’s the Texans without their 1st. Sidenote: Poor dead horse.

Fleet’s Pick: Minnesota


Matt’s Pick: Minnesota


Kansas City (8-1, 2nd in AFC) @ Las Vegas (6-3, 5th in AFC)

Line: KC -8.5

Matt: The Raiders are riddled with COVID. The healthy Raiders shocked KC in Week 5, but I think KC would beat the best possible version of Vegas this week. Vs this specific roster, it wont be close. Chiefs 37, Raiders 14.

Matt’s Pick: Kansas City

Fleet: Yes, I too hope the Raiders get destroyed. Which would help the Browns playoff chances.

Fleet’s Pick: Kansas City

Monday, Nov 23 2020


LA Rams (6-3, 6th in NFC) @ Tampa Bay (7-3, 5th in NFC)

Line: TB -4.5

Fleet: Bounce back for Brady and the team. Mainly going with one of my classic anti Jared Goff picks here.

Fleet’s Pick: Tampa Bay

Matt: I’d put 10 bucks on Aaron Donald eating Tom Brady alive.

Matt’s Pick: LA Rams


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