NFL Thanksgiving Picks 2020

NFL Thanksgiving Picks 2020

Houston (3-7, 13th in AFC) @ Detroit (4-6, 10th in NFC)

Line: HOU -3

Matt: It’s a battle of coaches who have a 0% chance of being employed next year! Well, I’m sure one or both could get a coordinator job, or at least a job at Wal-Mart. In any event, I’m not certain Matt Patrica or Romeo Crennel could outcoach Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman.

Houston is shockingly bad. I feel like they should be at least a win or two better than they are. Their roster actually isn’t that bad, although it’s obviously missing a key ingredient from their past success in NUK. Also, Crennel might actually be worse than Bill O’B. Still, I like Houston and Romeo Crennel more than I like Matt Patricia and Detroit, which is a sentence I can’t believe I’m putting a period on.

Matt’s Pick: Houston

Fleet: My “Never Matt Patricia” rule continues, so the Texans?


Fleet’s Pick: Houston

Washington (3-7, 14th in NFC) @ Dallas (3-7, 15th in NFC)

Line: DAL -3

Fleet: Football at it’s finest. Andy Dalton and America’s team versus Alex Smith and the Washington Football team. Pop your popcorn this will be the greatest game of football ever played!

Fleet’s Pick: The winner is you, the viewer at home! But really, Washington.

Matt: Christ, these games are terrible.

Who cares about this terrible game? Spend time with your families if you can, online if you have to. I did an online thanksgiving (by which I mean a few texts) from Canada this year. It’s not the end of the world.

Matt’s Pick: Let’s say Washington? Who the fuck knows.


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