NFL Week 12 2020 Picks

NFL Week 12 2020 Picks

Fleetwood Brown:

Had a rough last two weeks of picks. Maybe I will get back on track. Maybe 3 QBs will all be ineligible to play for the Broncos.

Sidenote: Can NFL analysts/commentators stop updating me with what LeBron James is tweeting? I mean I think LeBron is amazing, but have we truly dropped so low that our small talk by these talking heads is just reporting on the tweets of another human? Who plays a different sport? Do they not understand the people at home have twitter and use it? Maybe production makes them plug that stuff to seem hip, but c’mon man.

Matt Ederer:

Yeah, what he said!

Miami (6-4, 9th in AFC) @ NY Jets (0-10, 16th in AFC)

Line: MIA -7.5

Matt: Looks like we’re getting Fitzmagic this week, but truthfully I would pick most of Denver’s practice squad over these Jets.

Matt’s Pick: FINS UP (Miami)

Fleet: One lesson I learned this year: Don’t pick the Jets upset…ever.

Fleet’s Pick: Miami

Arizona (6-4, 7th in NFC) @ New England (6-4, 11th in AFC)

Line: ARI -2.5

Fleet: The Cardinals are away, but strange that the OLG has this game so close. I feel like the Cardinals have played much better than the Pats this year. The Pats barely beat the Jets, beat the Ravens, then lost to the Texans. Bill has success against young qbs and the Cardinals have some weird losses this year, but after a dumb long rabble I still end up picking the Cardinals.

My brain cells to the mayor brain cell when I make picks. Sidenote: that’s how brain cells work.

Fleet’s Pick: Arizona

Matt: Something about this game stinks to me. Arizona is good, but Kyler is banged up, and Billy B will have to be in his mid 90s before I think Kliff Kingsbury is a better coach.

Having said that, I’m taking Arizona here. Mostly because I am a coward. Partly because I have Kyler Murry in fantasy.

Matt’s Pick: Arizona

Carolina (4-7, 11th in NFC) @ Minnesota (4-6, 9th in NFC)

Line: MIN -3.5

Matt: TEDDY BRIDGEWATER REVENGE BOWL. Feels like Minnesota is going to be a sexy pick, but the Panthers are banged up and depleted. Minnesota beats a Panthers team that could be much stronger in another universe.

Matt’s Pick: Minnesota

Fleet: With Theilen out, I have to pick Teddy two gloves and the Panthers here.

Fleet’s Pick: Carolina

Cleveland (7-3, 6th in AFC) @ Jacksonville (1-9, 15h in AFC)

Line: CLE -6.5

Fleet: I am worried that the Browns will lose to Glennon and the crew somehow. Real Browns fan talk for a second though: Kevin Stefanski might be an actual NFL coach. Which after the carousel of coaches (see: Ex-Browns Coaching Tree Battle of the Week! Or: six degrees of Browns-eperation segment for reference.) is refreshing, and good coaches don’t lose to bad teams. I guess we will find out. Also final Browns thing a non-windy ass terrible weather game will give everyone a chance to see Baker, ahhhh who am I kidding just hand the ball off to Chubb I could care less about Baker deez days.

Fleet’s Pick: Cleveland

Matt: Cleveland’s schedule has been cake lately, and it’s only going to get better over the next few weeks. But hey, in 2020, the real challenge is staying alive. Not in the playoffs, like, avoiding the grim spectre of death. The Cleveland Browns are doing an admirable job.

Matt’s Pick: Cleveland

Tennessee (7-3, 5th in AFC) @ Indianapolis (7-3, 4th in AFC)

Line: -IND

Matt: I’m not picking Phillip Rivers over a good NFL team for the rest of his career.

Matt’s Pick: Tennessee

Fleet: I have no idea what is going to happen in this game. Originally, I had the Colts and then changed it to the Titans upon further reflection.

Kudrow gets me

Fleet’s Pick: Tennessee

NY Giants (3-7, 14th in NFC) @ Cincinnati (2-7-1, 14th in AFC)

Line: -6.5

Fleet: Not that the NFL is ever kind in terms of injuries, (See CTE existing for reference) but Barkley and Burroughs out is sad. I was hating on Burrows all year but it was obvious I was just a jealous fan. Seems like a great player who would obviously be better on the Browns. Bummer this game is now so stupid now.

Fleet’s Pick: New York Giants

Matt: Good God, it feels gross to type the following words.

Matt’s Pick: NY Giants, ew

LA Chargers (3-7, 13th in AFC) @ Buffalo (7-3, 3rd in AFC)

Line: BUF -6

Matt: In two years, this could be the AFC title game. For now, the Chargers are an Anthony Lynn away from being a serious threat.

Matt’s Pick: Buffalo

Fleet: Damn you Bills. Please prove me right here. It is well documented how I pick Bills-related games poorly. (See I haven’t actually looked into it, but it does feel like I pick the games poorly.)

Fleet’s Pick: Buffalo

Las Vegas (6-4, 7th in AFC) @ Atlanta (3-7, 15th in NFC)

Line: LV -3.5


Ex-Browns Coaching Tree Battle of the Week! Or: six degrees of Browns-eperation!

Here I go again on my own!

BIg time matchup this week. We have a 3 v 2 handicap match. No DQs.

The 3 man team The Raid-ah Experience is composed of Kirby “The American Dreamland Nightmare” WIlson (Raiders RB coach, former Browns RB coach 2016-17),  Jim “I Can Feel” O’Neil (Raiders DB coach, former Browns d-coordinator 2014-15), and Taver “The Lavender Curtain” Johnson. (Obvious heel team)
Falcons baby face duo The Falcon Babies consists of Tosh “no points” Lupoi, and Joe Whitt “this or whitt that” Jr.

The Falcon Babies = Two Falcons + the Muppet Babies.

The heels win here and everyone goes home sad. 🙁

Woooah big show.

Fleet’s Pick: Las Vegas

Matt: John Gruden appears to be a halfway decent football coach. Who knew?

Matt’s Pick: Las Vegas


San Francisco (4-6, 10th in NFC) @ LA Rams (7-3, 2nd in NFC)

Line: LAR -7

Matt: I will be confidently starting the LA Rams defense in fantasy this week.

Matt’s Pick: LA Rams

Fleet: Yeah, Aaron Donald’s team is better here.

Fleet’s Pick: LA Rams

New Orleans (8-2, 1st in NFC) @ Denver (4-6, 11th in AFC)

Line: NO -15

Fleet: I really hope Kendall Hinton wins this game or at least plays okay. It would be foolish to pick the Broncos this week though. I can see the universe where Taysum and crew lay the egg after over performing last week and then sports analysts lose their collective minds. Broncos D is scrappy this year.

Fleet’s Pick: New Orleans


Matt’s Pick: New Orleans


Kansas City (9-1, 2nd in AFC) @ Tampa Bay (7-4, 6th in NFC)

Line: KC -3.5

Matt: Much like Phillip Rivers, I will be happily picking against Tom Brady whenever the opportunity should realistically arise. This is one of those arise-ings.

Matt’s Pick: Kansas City

Fleet: Patrick Mahomes is playing well. Also, truly hope the bucs miss the playoffs somehow.

Fleet’s Pick: Kansas City


Chicago (5-5, 8th in NFC) @ Green Bay (7-3, 3rd in NFC)

Line: GB -9

Fleet: Yar-har Green-Bay wins by a bounty of point.

-Pirate who watches football.

He looks like Daniel Day-Lewis

Fleet’s Pick: Green Bay

Matt: lol

Matt’s Pick: Green Bay

Monday, Nov 30


Seattle (7-3, 5th in NFC) @ Philadelphia (3-6-1, 13th in NFC)

Line: SEA -5.5


Matt’s Pick: Kurt Cobain

Fleet: Oooof, this might be a bad Monday Nighter. The Eagles do not seem to be very good, or healthy. Who would have thought the NFC east would probably be won by the Giants or the Football team.

Fleet’s Pick: Seattle

Tuesday, Dec 1st


Baltimore (6-4, 8th in AFC)@ Pittsburgh (10-0, 1st in AFC, 1st in NFL)

Line: PIT -10.5

Fleet: Meh Ravens dropping games helps out the Browns!

Brian Griffin gets me.

Fleet’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Matt: Wear a fucking mask, kids.

Matt’s Pick: Pittsburgh


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